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 Excellent Quality Pasture Board 

Perfect for the Retired Horse

Would your horse enjoy a temperate climate grazing on good pasture with equine companions?

 Blue Ridge Dream Farm, 150 acres in the peaceful mountains of Virginia, offers carefully managed pastures promoting free exercise on excellent pasture with access to deep, well built run-in sheds for protection from sun & storms. Horses that get along stay together.

your horse at home with us


       Do you still want your horse to get close individual attention?

Our family farm provides individual attention to a small number of horses twice a day.  We feel it痴 better to notice changes early & make appropriate adjustments to promote your horses well being and comfort. We have over 25 years experience in management of care and a life time love of horses.

The Pastures:

Pasture Boarding Features: 

Pasture Board Rate:

Year-round boarders - Total Well Care Package - $290 per month


Spring Wellness Visit (March or April or May) Fall Wellness Visit (Aug. or Sept. or Oct)
Farm Call Farm Call
Physical Exam Physical Exam
EWT/Rhino (4 way) Rhino/Flu vaccine
IN Flu vaccine Rabies vaccine
West Nile vaccine West Nile vaccine
deworm with Ivermectin Fecal analysis
coggins deworm with Quest Plus (treats tapeworms)
Not included-dental floating, vaccines-botulism, PHF,Strangles Dental Exam

Advantages for You:

  1. No additional expense  just easier for your budgeting since only illness or injury will demand sudden additional monies.
  2. Vet will be familiar with your horse so we can manage health issues efficiently & effectively.
Otter Creek Equine Associates, LLC             Lorna-Marie Coyle, DVM

P.O. Box 961, Bedford, Virginia 24523      Office: 540-587-5600   Fax: 540-587-5800

Short Term Boarders - $250 per month


Burial is available on site. The charge for this service will be our direct costs for the service.

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Contact Information

Jacque Battle

1452 Budd Lane, Montvale, VA 24122


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