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Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

Bred for

Beautiful Type Trainable Temperaments Sport Horse Competition



The Straight Egyptian Arabian came from life with the Bedouins. They kept their mares & foals in their tents creating a tendency in the bloodstock for appreciating close relationships with humans. The Bedouins valued the mares that were brave & agile during battles plus had the stamina to race them through the night time desert safely back home after a raiding party. These bred-in characteristics embodied in the Straight Egyptian Arabian horses are the reason Blue Ridge Dream Farm chose the SE Arabian for their breeding program. Straight Egyptian Arabians are known and esteemed for their beauty, but at Blue Ridge Dream Farm we think pretty is as pretty does. We treasure horses that have affectionate personalities, demonstrate they are quick to learn plus dependable in work, under saddle or pulling a cart. Therefore, Straight Egyptian Arabian bloodlines that train easily & desire to have a human relationship are our interests. We strive to breed Straight Egyptian Arabians that enjoy using their bodies & minds for the sporthorse events and endurance events such as fox hunting, competitive trail riding and endurance races at the same time they are being competitive for beauty and conformation in the halter arena.


Foundation Mare: Hanna’s Fanci (Alixir x Marah Al Magidaa by Thee Desperado) Pedigree.

Photo Credit Johnny Johnston

Bred by Stephanie Elsea of All Souls Arabians with marketing assistance by Shawn Crews of Arabians Ltd, Hanna’s Fanci came to Blue Ridge Dream Farm on a snowy January day in 2005 at 10 months of age prized for her Bint Magidaa dam line, snorty, athletic movement and her own level headed, sweet approach to life.


By two years of age her trot was demonstrating lots of suspension and diagonally advanced placement which dressage riders/breeders look for and can clearly be seen in this photo. “At the trot, the better horses placed the hind foot on the ground an instant before the diagonal front foot. This action indicates a horse's natural balance.” From the article in TheHorse.com “Focus on Discipline: Dressage” written by Charlene Strickland October 10 2001, Article # 699

Fanci’s temperament exemplified willingness with trust as she was giving us glimpses of the mare in the making.


Fanci as a long yearling would stand still in the pasture when a storm was threatening & let us put a blanket on her without a halter. In that same time period, Fanci had a respiratory infection that required a visit to the VA Tech Equine hospital. She stood perfectly still without sedation for the chest xray. The VA Tech personnel loved working with her.

By her 3rd year it was time for Fanci to get ready for going to the Egyptian Event and go under saddle. She was successful at both. Fanci’s temperament was kind enough for an amateur (Jacque Battle) to do her under saddle prep work.


Fanci’s 1st day under saddle ridden by Jacque Battle.


Mark Burke of Amethyst Acres Equine Center also showed Fanci in March of 2007 at a Sport Horse in Hand class at the Virginia Horse Center for a Class “A” show. She was the only horse in the class but she did well with the judge remarks stating, “well balanced” for her body and “very correct” for her legs and hooves.


June 2007 Mark Burke showed Hanna’s Fanci at the Egyptian Event in the 3 year old extended futurity class. It was a very competitive class of 13 with Fanci placing 7th.


Fanci now was a National Top Ten filly in the Straight Egyptian world, a successful sport horse contender and doing well under saddle. For Fanci’s first riding lesson, the farm was a new place with horses hanging over the fences, jumps spread throughout the arena, cows grazing on two sides of the arena (she had never seen cows) and other dressage, event & foxhunt riders riding their horses in the arena. Fanci took it all in stride & got right down to work, staring at the cows on breaks. Another time we had 20 mph winds during a lesson and again, she stayed focused on the work at hand. People would be watching her amazed making comments on how good she was for a green horse especially for an Arab and incredible for an Arab mare.


At 3 years of age at home on the farm Fanci could be ridden on a totally loose rein in areas she regularly rode. She’d be the lead horse tromping through the woods even when there wasn’t a trail with her neck stretched out and head down just relaxed and enjoying herself.

Hanna’s Fanci is a full time broodmare now and thankfully loves her job.


Fanci has found success as a broodmare continuing to demonstrate the strength of the Bint Magidaa damline particularly when crossed with Mishaal HP. Hanna’s Fanci 2010 Mishaal HP colt, Al Haadi BRDF, placed Reserve Champion at the 2012 Egyptian Event in the 2 year old futurity colt class of 12 competing colts, missing the championship by only 2 points out of 1339.5 given.

Al Haadi BRDF at 19 days old


A year later caught on camera by Suzanne Sturgill


6 months later Al Haadi BRDF was standing in the spotlight for the judges at the 2012 Egyptian Event being shown by Luis Paniagua of Arabians Ltd.


What we cherished most was watching “Steady” (our barn name for Al Haadi BRDF) put his chin on Luis Paniagua’s shoulder while waiting for his broken halter to be fixed & quietly rest till everything got rearranged so he could do his stand up in the bright lights. What a gem. Al Haadi BRDF is for sale. Please contact Shawn Crews at Arabians, Ltd. For more information click here.

Hanna’s Fanci 2012 Mishaal HP colt, born June 22nd looks very much like his brother. For the moment we’re calling him Rip after observing his desire to test out all the different ways he can use his body while going as fast as possible.

Rip at about 3 weeks of age

Photo Credit Deb Burke of Amethyst Acres Equine Center




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